CRM for Financial Consultants

As the name suggests, the core job of financial consultants is streamlining financial lives of their clients. Dealing with financial matters of clients requires a safe record of their financial documents, economic background, record of different types of investment solutions, and much more. You also need to attend meetings with prospects to explain customized investment solutions for them. With the increasing competition in the market, the operations in financial consultancies need to be more effective, customized, smooth and time bound.

How Koustubhainfo Services can be Money-Spinning for Financial Consultancy?

You cannot lose a single financial document after working so hard to gain your clients’ trust. Highly secured and reliable CRM software for financial services industry is what you need to retain that trust. Never lose a client due to a lost document with Koustubhainfo Services. After all, the business of your financial consultancy is people-driven. You can use our CRM software for various other tasks, such as lead capturing, task management, report generation, office management, etc., other than document managing. Let us explain to you how this all is possible with Koustubhainfo Services.

Improve Your Lead to Sale Conversation Rate

With Koustubhainfo Services, you can manage your leads easily and check what actions have been taken by your team on every particular lead. Create follow-up meetings, calls, and tasks right from the lead page and track everything in one place. All these combined improves your chances of converting that lead into a customer.

Keep Your Existing Customers Retained for Longer

It is a fact that optimal customer experience brings in more business for financial consultancy firms. The core element of Koustubhainfo services is about standing behind the customer to form a great client relationship by facilitating your prospects and customers with tailored service experience, storing customer data in our CRM for consultant and gain customer loyalty. This is the safest place to manage data, handle customer problems, and upsell current clients.

Track Your Team's Progress with Streams

With multiple teams working on a single client, the seamless flow of information is important. What’s more important is keeping track of that information. Streams allow you to do just that. With streams, you can get a complete overview of the conversation that is happening internally on a particular lead. You can give instructions to team members and ask for updates through the same.

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