Digital Transformation

How We Deliver Digital Transformation

Digital transformation consulting lays out an enterprise-wide technology-powered strategy to improve the efficiency of business processes. At Koustubhainfo, we help companies unfold holistic digital transformation (DT) and achieve high ROI from the initiative.

Pre-implementation stage

👉 Analyzing the business background: present business state, processes, competitors.

👉 Assessing the IT infrastructure and processes: cloud adoption, readiness for fast software delivery (DevOps practices, automated testing and security, etc.)

👉 Setting up and prioritizing digital transformation goals.

👉 Laying out a strategy with clear, actionable steps, analyzing the feasibility of and creating proofs-of-concept for proposed solutions.

Digital transformation strategy execution

👉 Prototyping solutions and launching pilots (if needed) to collect early feedback and make prototype improvements.

👉 Core software development tasks (we have developers skilled in a wide pool of technologies).

👉 Niche hands-on industry experience or skills in advanced techs like IoT or blockchain.

👉 High-end jobs, like custom software architecture design, CI/CD implementation, and more.

👉 Planning agile changes to the DT strategy when intermediate results are assessed.

End user training

We help with the fast adoption of new processes by your team. During training, we typically cover:

👉 User roles and permissions.

👉 Key software functionality and navigation.

👉 Key process flows and automation opportunities created by software.

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