Project Management

Adopt a Sound PM Approach with Koustubhainfo

We factor in your project status (whether the project is at the planning stage or under way) and the challenges you face to focus our consulting involvement on your pain points and guarantee that your return from our services is tangible. Our service scope includes:

Project assessment

👉 Analyzing project goals, required timeframes and targeted budget, workflows and communication.

👉 Conducting a feasibility study.

👉 Estimating resource demands and availability.

👉 Interviewing project participants.

👉 Assessing project risks and developing risk mitigation plans.

Project planning

👉 Roadmapping the project with the breakdown into work phases, tasks, and deliverables.

👉 Planning high-level solution architecture and functional scope.

👉 Scheduling the sequence of project implementation.

👉 Estimating project time and cost.

👉 Choosing a project management methodology (Scrum, Kanban, etc).

Project resource management

👉 Building a project staffing plan.

👉 Allocating resources to project tasks according to an employee’s skillset, planning multi-project resource allocation if needed.

👉 Staffing micro-teams to achieve project milestones.

👉 Elaborating on an optimal communication process scheme.

Project control

👉 Defining quantifiable KPIs for the entire project and for milestones to have project progress under control.

👉 Investigating project deviations from the timeline or budget and applying a contingency plan to adapt a project implementation plan to the changed context.

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